Saturday, June 02, 2001

gah! i'm scared!........i dun' wanna take my SATs... it's gonna suck, i didn't study and i'm not ready to be OLD! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. it's 6:54am....and i ate pie for breakfast so that i'd be hyper. and yeah...i can't sit still....i think i have ADD really.......but yeah...i''ll go ride will be here soon....GAH I'M SCARED

Friday, June 01, 2001

Hey... It's been a while.
Today was the football scrimmige at the U of M. I wanted to go so bad...Jeevsies' school played my school. All the football players were dressed up in their jerseys...I really really wanted to go, but the cheerleaders weren't going :( I miss football season, I just thought it would be cool to cheer for football when it isn't freezing cold. I'm waiting for Jeevsies to go online to find out how baddly his school beat mine. I know we lost. And his team won three games I think...*sigh* I wish I was there. I went to see Pearl Harbor with my family today...It was sad...It mad me wish I could cry over things so easily...It was so sad... I won't say too much, I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone. I had a pretty good day... Once the football players left to go, the rest of my class was sitting around and stuff...And yeah, Andrew and Steven dared me to go back into the cubbord-on-wheels thing....So, seems as how I'm not afraid to be locked into dark places, I went in... They pushed the thing against the wall, so I couldn't get out. And Arnel drew a cross on the side of the cubbord while I was in there. I didn't know he did that, but when I was in there, I said "My eyes are starting to burn...And this place smells like fire." Hahaha. That provided them with a cheap laugh. They have to find something else to bug me about. They call me the devil, and a witch...They tell people I read witch books...And that's such a LIE. I won't know why they think I'm evil anyways...Just because I don't beleive in god. The way I see it...I'm the same, just less vulnnerable...And I question what other people say...If it doesn't make enough sense to me...Then I don't accept it. I'm not that different, still.
"I've met people that freak out when they meet me, but I'm just a normal person. If you cut me, I bleed." - Mercedes Lander (Drummer from Kittie)

I know I'm slightly different from the other kids....Maybe they just aren't as mature as I am...I just have a better idea of who I am... And I'm not going to be afraid of who I really am...i'm not going to sacrifice my individuality just to look cool...Or a certain way. And if people don't like who I am, that's too bad for them... I'm never going to change myself just so people will like me.

I'm really hungry.... I don't know what I can eat... I think I'm allergic to tomatos and seafood... *sigh*

My sister burt the veggie dogs today.... When burned, they smell like weed.
I guess I'll go find some iced tea or something to eat.... Then I'll draw and paint and talk to Hayley for a while... I'll probably be up until 4 am today...

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

*sigh* i just realized how awesome kurt cobain was...he was like, an awesome song writer. and i mean, it's too bad he died. i woulda liked to see nirvana play...they're awesome. but yeah, i just wanted to say that...
have fun with the bugs feero... i have company from canada here. my mom's friends, and their 27 yr old son. and today we went all over austin. it was pretty fun i guess. though i was tired, becuz the night before i had stayed up till 3:30am. and i got up at 9am. *yawn* but anyways, we went and played laser tag, and i kicked alla their asses. i got third! wahoo. my nickname was "spork" heh. but then we went to barnes and nobles bookstore. i got a cd. heh. then we went to the mall and um... then we went to see shrek. and then at like 9pm, we went to this steakhouse thing. and it was gonna be 40mins till we got to sit down, so we sat at the bar. and i was sad cuz i wasn't allowed to get any alcohol. so then tony, the 27yrold. was like, if you come visit me and the friend i live with, we'll get you plastered. aka, drunk as fuck. so i was like, OK! heh. and that was my day.
Our hall is going on a field trip...To this park...It's a 10 min walk from my house...Wooohooo....
I'm going to get eaten alive by bugs :(

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

I never actually /watched/ smurfs..But, at my grandma's house there was a cool Smurfs cup and I think it was from when my uncle Paul was little. I think they were so cute... heh.. I think I have watched it thouhg, like once...*shrugs*
does anyone remember the smurfs? gah... a long time ago, like in second grade, we went to the library for a per. and the librarian, madame thurston, made us watch smurfs in french. oh yeah, i went to a bilingual school, it was in canada. i remember that librarian...she was such a fucking bitch. i wanna go back and visit her! hehe. so anyways, we'd sit there in the library and watch smurfs in french....not knowing what the hell is going on....just watching the pictures...cuz we were in second grade, and we didn't know much french. though we knew alot for second grade. ah....memories.... heh.
i like's fun... not that i go around grafitting everything i see... just at home mostly... today i carved designs and pictures into my computer desk. it's pretty cool. then i coloured in the lines with highlighter... i drew this one guitar's actually ok looking... but yeah. *looks at light*.... about 3384 moths till i go to bed. i'm a night person. i don't like the sun, cuz it's evil. maybe i'm a vampire. nah... i couldn't deal with drinking blood. that's just wrong. maybe i'll just keep on writing blogs to myself. becuz it's kinda fun talking to myself. i did that once...when my friends told me that when i talk my nose moves... so i sat in front of the mirror and talked to myself... i found out that they were right. i look like a rabbit. when i talk. oh yeah.....the end.
hm... i don't really know what to talk about right now. but i feel like myself mostly... but yeah. i'm excited. my mom asked me today if i was still going to go to california. so that basically means i'm prolly gonna get to go. it's gonna be cool. and yeah....

Monday, May 28, 2001

you're so smart!! Hehe
The reason the names will not show up is because your IRC puts a '<' and '>' around the name. On blogger, it takes these little arrow-type-things and thinks that it's HTML code, so whatever is inbetween the arrows, it takes away, thinking it's to be used as an HTML code. So when you people enter IRC logs, edit it so that parantheses are around the name instead of the '<' things.
...14:40... (Jeevsies): malia i have been asked to marry someone already
...14:40... (Malia): Are they drugged?
...14:40... (Jeevsies): no
...14:40... (Jeevsies): its just molly
...14:40... (Jeevsies): and fleury
...14:40... (Jeevsies): fleury32*

That better show names. And IF not, the fisrt thing was Jeevsies, then me, then the rest was ken again. Anyways.. I think there's something wrong with him, don't you?
That didn't work right..
No one's name showed up.
...13:25... * hayley 4000 moths till my mom gets home....
...13:26... 3999
...13:26... lol
...13:26... no!
...13:26... still 4000
...13:26... Yes!
...13:26... ONE JUST DIED
...13:26... they have to die on the light first!
...13:26... lol!
...13:26... i'm sorry.
...13:26... I was hungry.
...13:26... GAH
...13:26... you ate lil' mothie!
...13:26... I cats were...
...13:26... IT wasn't lil
...13:26... mothie
...13:26... lol
...13:26... s'it's name
...13:26... lil' mothie is right there
...13:26... heh
...13:26... * Malia points.
...13:26... It was Young Joe.
...13:27... ah...
...13:27... poor joe.....
...13:27... * Thomas-CC steps on it by accident
...13:27... where's lil' squanto?!
...13:27... GAH
...13:27... THAT WAS SQUANTO!
...13:27... Mighty Joe Young
...13:27... * Thomas-CC thinks: eeeep
...13:27... * hayley cries
...13:27... * Malia hugs hayley, crying too.

Aren't WE normal? What does Blogger mean anyway??
Today at school my english class was talking about garbage on the side of the highway and how much it would cost for a fine...And then people were argueing about ciggarete butts...And I finnaly said "Nobody cares!" and everyone thought that was funny. And Trevor says "Ferro you're sucha character!" Now do I take this as a compliment or not? I don't know. I rarely talk at school, and when I do, everyone either laughes or gives me weird/rude looks.
this is in reply to toon's message... sometimes, i wish i was schizophrenic. becuz when you're schizophrenic, you're never alone... and i mean, wouldn't it be cool to have friends all the time? but the only bad thing would be if they were mean friends....and like the guy that toon was talking about...telling them to kill yourself and stuff. that wouldn't be cool.....but still....the good comes with the bad....
smelly caaattt......smelly caaatttt....what are they feeding you? smelly caaat .....smelly caaattt.. it's not your fault. ...*sigh* this song brings back many good memories.
My mother works in a hospital where she enters emergency room paperwork and stuff into the computer. Last night, some guy came into the hospital who was schitzophrenic and said he heard voices telling him to hurt himself. I never knew people like that even lived in my area o_O; Freaky.
Oh my goodness it's 8:25 am and I just woke up and school starts in 45 mins!
Why am I even writing this>?
Later ^^/

Sunday, May 27, 2001

When I grow up, I'm going to be a telemarketer.
*sigh*......i called her......i didnt' want to, but i did. that lady sounded nice. but i don't think she was. she was prolly an evil leprachaun waiting to strike with her magic gold induced powers... but the thing that pisses me off is that......she only wanted me to call her so she could tell someone else to call ME! what the fuck is THAT about?!.......gah........stoopid lady, i'm never calling HER again!
[16:43] (Malia): I did something to that Malia Thing thing
[16:43] (Ursus): Neither.
[16:45] (Malia): WHOA
[16:45] * Ursus has a cough attack and dies.
[16:45] * Fio-CC hides Toon's corpse from Molly and Brandon.
[16:46] (Malia): Brandon is a dog, he'd find her..
[16:47] (Sea): HAHAHAHAHA
[16:47] (Malia): and make sure you didn't hide her near fish so Molly can't stumble across her

Wonderful times in #bob-land.
I'm kind of bored.
And for once I don't have too much to say heh. I really don't want to go back to school tomorrow. I can't beleive I have four weeks left. It's so long... And I also have exams and stuff. I can't beleive some people on IRC today, they're really getting on my nerves. But hey, what can I do? Oh wait, I can /kill them or ban them or something, but will I? No because I don't do things just because people ANNOY me, right?
I have that little gold pig Michelle stole and gave to me. It's cool, I'm going to glue it onto my celing.
Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I listen to Surfacing, and if I'm really mad, I can listen to it over and over and over. Sometimes it makes me feel happy.

Thomas I am SO sorry, I really did have you on that list before :( I'm sorry :( I also didn't add Kendra, Hannah and Angie...Now I feel mean...

I am the funk soul brother! Yes! ..By the way.. this is Natalia/toon/Ursus
I wonder what my name comes out as...
hey guess what!? i haven't called that lady back yet!.........i'm so bad....i really don't want to...i shoulda called her back on friday when i GOT the email....but i didn't. becuz i'm anyways, maybe i should call her.......but i seriously don't want to, i mean, if the world was ending and it all depended on me calling her...then i guess i would, but other than that, i don't wanna.......and that's all i have to say about that
You don't HAVE to post anything, I just needed some people...If you want to post something on my website just type something and click "Post and publish"
I'm really lost...
i really don't wanna call this lady back. it's scary...... but i guess i have to... and yeah.
Today is the greatest day I've ever known....
Well, so far so good.
This is a test. Please avoid the issues.