Monday, June 04, 2001

Did anyone watch Pearl Harbor? Well, I won't ruin the movie for anyone, but this is what my auntie said about that lady...

I have shingles on my eye lids says:s
she's a skank another hour her and cuba goodings would have hooked up

What a day. I had black and red eyeliner on today. People were like "Are you high?" "Where you crying" .... I like red eyeliner... It's fun.
I just had to explain the deffinition of bondage to Malia...We're looking at these clothes at ... Silly Malia clicked the "XXXTRAS" section.

M a l i a S t e w a r t says:
Uh oh, what is XXXtras???
Your tongue is twisted, your eyes are slit, you need a guardian. says:
Don't click that
M a l i a S t e w a r t says:
too late

Lucky for her that section is empty ~_-
My godfather is at my house, I don't know what he's doing. I think Malia wants a catsuit. lol. I think she likes guy stretch jeans too. My throat tastes oddly enough like blood. Maples won against Stergeon Creek and Sisler, lost against St Johns last Friday. mm... That's pretty good.
Okay, sleep time.... Back tomorrow.