Monday, June 25, 2001

hm... well i haven't blogged in a while so i suppose i should eh? well right now i'm at lyra's house laying on her bed with a laptop that her stepdad let me borrow. this has been so much fun. we went to san francisco yesterday and the gay pride was going on. we walked along it for a while and then crossed it cuz we were trying to find a bus or something. but it's so cool there. hehe, there was a bondage float. with two girls handcuffed in thongs and two guys whipping them. it was funny. san fracisco is so cool, i wanna move there when i grow up... or at least when i graduate. but i've made a plan for next summer. i'm gonna drive to california, pick up sam and malia(who will fly in) and then drive to oregon, pick up kendra and hannah, then drive to winnipeg and pick up feero. that would be so fun. and we could like, spend the summer together or at least a bit of it. you know? but yeah. anyways, i go home on wednesday, i don't really want to becuz it's cool here in california. i guess that's why they say, "i left my heart in san francisco" eh? ah well... yes! i just got a diet dr. pepper. oh man, i haven't had one in days.... yum. anyways, to malia, you dun' deserve to be locked up and have someone throw away the key, you're our friend and we love ya;) anyways, i'll stop writing now. l8erz pplz.